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Rami Aalto

After a couple of decades in the IT industry I started my bonesetting studies in 2018 as a hobby and in my wildest dreams I saw it as nothing more than a part-time thing at best. But things change and I had noticed that changing jobs to be at a better company with better benefits and salary didn’t fulfill my life as I had hoped. I first tried bonesetting part-time and after six months of cautious head-nodding and Excel calculations I bid farewell to IT and have been a full-time entrepreneur as a Kalevala bonesetter. This was in March 2021 and luckily I haven’t regretted it at all.

What makes me tick?

The goal in Kalevala bonesetting is to find the root cause of the problems and that instantly resonated with me. I have always thought there is really no point in solving problems if one has to deal with it soon again. I try to incorporate this to what I am currently doing.

I am nerdy by nature, but even though I like all things digital I am the first to admit if something is better done without gadgets and apps. Bonesetting does just this. It’s just the customer and the bonesetter with their knowledge, focusing on what can be seen and felt going on with the customer.

For some reason I am also the person everyone opens up to and taking advantage of that I aim to also open the mental blocks if I’m given the opportunity. People consist of more than just the physical body and Kalevala bonesetting being a holistic approach to wellbeing is ideal in road to recovery in many cases.