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Where can you find a Kalevala bonesetter?

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Kansanlääkintäseura website lists apprentices, kalevala bonesetters and masters. Some practitioners have chosen not to list their info on the site, for various reasons. First and second year students are not shown on the list, so your best bet to find them is by asking around in e.g. Facebook groups and following #finnishbonesetting hashtag on Instagram and Facebook.


Kansanlääkintäseura website lists apprentice-level practitioners and above

Anyhow not all of them, as some practitioners have chosen not to publish their information online. Those people should still have their bonesetting diploma handy for verification.

Use the apprentices

Kalevala bonesetting apprentices are on their third and final year of studies. Apprentices already possess a lot of knowledge and know-how so it’s definetely not wrong to get treated by them and enjoy the student pricing while you’re at it.

Students can’t all be found online

First and second year students aren’t published anywhere publiscly so finding them is a bit more difficult.

Be sure to

  • ask around from people you know and from your local Facebook and WhatsApp groups
  • follow #finnishbonesetting hashtag on Facebook and Instagram