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New location from Aug 30th

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Aaltokorjaamo is nearing its first operational year and what better way to celebrate it than moving for the fourth time?

From Monday, August 30th on, Aaltokorjaamo will be located (hopefully for a long time) at Korkeemäenkatu 3, 37100 Nokia.

Is it easier to get to?

Yup. There are several changes and besides the location the accessibility will take a leap forward. There are only 3 steps to hurdle when entering.

The closest you can park your car is around 10 meters from the entrance and there’s plenty of parking spaces available. Most of the parking spaces are limited to 2 hours parking time, but that should be enough for a normal treatment.

Anything going worse?

Some might argue that the time-limited parking is for worse, but one of the bigger “losses” is the lack of windows at the treatment room. As it’s on the ground floor, not having windows also gives a sense of privacy which in turn should ensure better relaxation. So in terms of privacy and relaxation, not really a loss, but in terms of natural sunlight, situation is not as good as before.

I am going to miss the thriving community at Tehdas108, but I’m also going to get a room-mate from photographer Katri Paananen, yay!

I might have to work with my travel treatment table for a few days, but that’s temporary.

Any changes elsewhere?

Nope, booking a treatment, phone numbers, email addresses, VAT Id’s etc. are still the same 😅