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I’m an apprentice, now what?

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I spent the last weekend training with my colleagues and I’m now officially a Kalevala bonesetting apprentice, yay! This means that my studies have been going well, I’ve been getting more practise treatments logged and I have something to show for it. On the other hand that also means that I’m now officially online on the Kansanlääkintäseura’s list (in Finnish) among my peers and that has also had a positive effect on my reservation status.

Now that the main study event is due to happen in five weeks time, I have taken a step back to check how I’m doing regarding my energy and goals. I’ve seen too many bonesetters take in all the work they can get in the beginning of their career and burn out or break their tools in a way that forces them to take a longer period to stop and recover.

I thought to myself “how about no” and decided I’ll try to skip such a scenario altogether. That lead me to edit my reservation calendar to better serve my own well-being and recovery. There’s still plenty of times to choose from, including evenings and weekends, but I limited the overall slots available. I’m still sure you can find a time that suits you, too!